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Conscious Life & Wellness Mentorship

The only mentorship that facilitates profound inner healing for transformative results.

Let me ask you, have you ever felt like your health and wellness are taking a back seat to other priorities in your life?

Maybe you're struggling to find the time or motivation.

Maybe you are sick and tired of your own excuses.

Maybe you're not sure where to start.

Perhaps it's been so long since you've put yourself first that you're not even sure what you need or want.

Maybe you have everything you should be grateful for, but something just feels off.

Whatever it is, there is one thing you are clear on...

Something has to change. Now. 


You know you’re over being at war with yourself. 

You're done living in a life of overwhelm and anxiety.

You're sick of that inner bully stealing joy from your life experiences. 

You're yearning for tools to stay present and mindful in the midst of a hectic and demanding daily life.

You're ready to break free from limiting beliefs hindering you from reaching your full potential.

You desire a sense of belonging, not only with others but within yourself. 

Are ready to take actionable steps toward living a more vibrant life?

Introducing the Conscious Life and Wellness Mentorship


Hi there, I'm Kerrie!

Founder of KFIT Body, Board Certified
Psychosynthesis Life & Wellness Coach

Welcome to a journey of authentic living and self-empowerment. After 15 years in health and wellness, I've seen countless women achieve aesthetic goals only to fall back into old habits. My own struggles with body image and disordered eating revealed a deeper issue: the power of our internal beliefs. True transformation goes beyond nutrition and exercise; it starts with believing in your worth. This insight led me to develop a coaching program that addresses the subconscious beliefs that shape our actions. Today, my coaching method, backed by certifications in Psychospiritual Life Coaching and Nutrition Coaching, is designed to help women embrace their confidence and live authentically. 


By understanding and celebrating your uniqueness, you can achieve lasting results and empower every area of your life.

I get it, trying something to radically different is scary.  But trust me when I say it is the only way to create radical change.


How much time have you wasted trying to do this alone? 

How much time have you kept giving to everyone other than yourself? 

How many times have you allowed the inner stories of shame and self-doubt to sabotage your efforts and lead you into comfort rituals that only serve to make the issue worse?


With my programs, you’ll be lovingly guided to access your truest self.

THIS is the space we will create your success plan from. 

From this space you'll learn to...

  • Uncover and dismantle the beliefs that hold you back.

  • Decrease your mental brain chatter, allowing you to feel fresh, clear, and in control of your life.

  • Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • Create practices and mindful habits that honor your body's needs for the season of life you are in.

  • Boost your confidence by embracing your unique strengths.

  • Experience a deep sense of calmness and connection within yourself.

  • Find and nurture the motivation to finally go after the big goals and dreams you’ve been denying. the motivation to pursue your biggest goals and dreams.


As you shed the habits and beliefs that have kept you stuck and step into the powerful, confident woman you were always meant to be, you’ll naturally experience a renewed connection in your personal and intimate relationships, opening yourself up to more love and happiness that spills over into your entire experience of life.

It starts with you. 

Whether in individual or group settings, our journey together will be anchored by these transformative pillars...

I cannot say enough good things about Kerrie. She was so helpful and understanding with anything I threw at her. I started her program at probably one of my lowest times, and ended at one of my highest. Kerrie helped me to navigate real life situations, things I would stress about. She would offer me so many options and suggestions to make the situation more simple. Oftentimes I would tell her something I was struggling with that week (and feel completely ridiculous while doing so!) She always listened and never made me feel as if any struggle wasn't validated.  

~ Lisa



1:1 Mentorship

Engage in a deeply personalized and transformative journey through virtual or in-person sessions that utilize powerful methods to uncover your authentic aspirations, helping you to align your life with your innermost values. Experience clarity and profound shifts as we work together to create lasting change from within.

Group Mentorships

Similar to our 1:1 mentorship, this program offers the same depth of transformative techniques and clarity-seeking processes, but within a collective setting. Share your journey with a group of women who are on a similar path, fostering a sense of sisterhood and mutual growth.

Transformative Workshops

Interested in hosting a transformative personal development workshop? Our workshops delve deeply into fostering personal growth, connection, and empowerment through immersive activities, thought-provoking discussions, and practical exercises. Participants leave with profound insights and effective tools to create lasting, meaningful change in their lives.


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