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Conscious Life & Wellness Mentorship
w/ Kerrie G Genes Founder, CEO, and Psychospiritual Life & Wellness Coach

Another week begins and yet again, you tell yourself, this one will be different. This will be the week you’re finally able to do it all. Except, your phone is already pinging with demands, the laundry basket is overflowing and the fridge is nearly empty. As you try to keep your mind focused on your workload and distracted from the mounting house chores and barely used gym membership, you realize with a sting of shame, this week will be exactly the same as the rest of them. 


Something has to change. Now. 


You’re sick of feeling so burned out all the time, and know deep down that even if you could find the time for yourself, most days, you wouldn’t have the energy anyway. 

Yet you know deep down, you’re over the all-or-nothing approach that keeps you stuck in a cycle of 5lbs off, 10lbs on. 

You long to look in the mirror and feel something other than shame and sadness. 

You know exactly what you want your relationship with health and fitness to feel like, but you’re at a loss with how to actually make it happen.

Studying at Home

Our KFIT Nourish Blueprint Method is for you if you:

  • Feel burnt out from a life of dieting.

  • Have an all-or-nothing approach to health.

  • Are tired of the food and body conversations taking up so much space in your head and life!

  • Don't have time for 20-ingredient recipes and unrealistic nutrition standards.

  • Feel overwhelmed and unsure of the right path to take.

  • Want to build lean muscle and keep up with your kids or grandkids.

  • Want to fuel your body for a life of longevity.

  • Are highly motivated to change.

  • Seeking a lifestyle that works for YOU and your family.

  • Want to learn what your individual nutritional needs are.

  • Want to understand what it takes to be in an optimal position to lose fat.


Why is the KFIT Nourish Method different? 

Most programs only focus on diet – but diet is just one piece of the puzzle. There are so many more factors that go into finding a truly balanced diet. With the KFIT Nourish Method, we guide you and teach you so that YOU are in control. (This is also what other programs don’t want you to learn, so you go back to them time and time again!) 


Your own personal Nourish Blueprint: Other program are cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches. That would work great if we all had the same budget, time, aesthetic goals, emotional relationship, medical history, family life, etc. But we don’t… so that approach doesn’t work. There is so much that impacts our ability to sustain a balanced wellness outlook. We set YOU up for success with your personalized Nourish Blueprint. 


Education & Personal Accountability: Other programs don’t want you to learn how to identify, manage, and course-correct current unhealthy habits and external roadblocks so you can navigate these after the program. We do. 


Individualized Pace: Other programs don't take into consideration each individualized bandwidth. They don't identify a set of personal goals or help you implement new routines in small, manageable steps to support long-term success. We do. 


You are what you THINK: Other programs don't take into consideration the most important piece… the way you THINK. They don't help you rewire your current habits and beliefs around nutrition. We do. 


Expert Guidance: Other programs are often built by fit-fluencers – with minimal credibility – based off a technique that worked for them. We have over 15 years of experience helping people break through the emotional and physical barriers holding them back. We help you achieve the freedom you’ve been desiring, and build the confidence you need to live the life you’ve always deserved. We’ll be there guiding you every step of the way!


Our Registered Dietitian, Kelsey Massis, specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, meal planning and prepping, child and adolescent nutrition, digestive health, and more. 


We offer a variety of solution-based programs, including:


Our Registered Dietitians specialize in sports nutrition, weight management, meal planning and prepping, child and adolescent nutrition, digestive health, and more. We work closely with clients to use nutrition in disease management and prevention, and clients with food allergies and intolerances.


KFIT accepts United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shields, Tufts, and Harvard Pilgrim.

KFIT programs are now covered by some insurance providers!  Is your program covered?
Fill out our Insurance Verification Form and we’ ’ll get the scoop! Expect to hear from us in 10-12 business days.

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“The meals were simple, easy, and generally, low-prep which made meal prepping and cooking dinner feel more manageable and less daunting.”

Not sure where you start? No sweat – contact us on the button below and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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