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Member Spotlight: Georgia

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Georgia, an incredible member who embodies dedication and consistency. Her commitment and hard work have yielded remarkable results that inspire us all. Through her presence and positive energy, she has transformed her fitness journey and motivated others along the way! We are lucky to have you, Georgia!

When I was at my lowest I embarked on a journey for me- mentally and physically to be my “best self.” My “best self” and life are typically craaazy. I am super extroverted, enjoy being busy, and love outings, events, and being surrounded by people. Public service is my ultimate drive and sacrifice: I worked for Governor Baker for 7 years, and it was/is a huge part of my life. I enjoy volunteering and find that my fuel is helping others. I am in graduate school part-time while working full-time. I was recently a fellow for the Women’s Public Leadership Network (because women ARE THE BEST) and spend what’s left of free time with my two rescue dogs which mean the most to me (I find any excuse to leave an event to hang out with them). As you can imagine, this doesn’t leave much downtime. But I promised myself that working out and health will be a constant in this rollercoaster.

In 2021 I started working out again, but it hasn’t been easy. I got to my best shape only to fall and break my elbow and start all over (literally with one pound dumbbells). That was tough and I felt defeated. I thought about my drive and what gets me up in the mornings and realized I needed a community. I wanted to make friends that support one another in a goal of getting in shape. I started to look for boot camps/gyms and that is when I found KFIT. I found a community in KFIT that (at the time) I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without.

I get so excited to go to class and be around like-minded powerhouse women and trainers. We all empower one another to get through the tough classes when sometimes we want to give up. We joke and make light of the heavy lifts and long runs (I’ve now even run a 5k because of KFIT!) And it ends up being more than just a workout, but a community, a lifestyle, a home.

I’ve known all along that working out on its own isn’t enough, you need to incorporate the right foods to accompany your hard work. That is when I used an amazing resource from KFIT and was partnered with an in-house dietician, Kelsey. Kelsey taught me early on that eating healthy and taking care of yourself doesn’t need to be a diet, it just needs to be mindfulness of what you are putting into your body. Adding this to the gym has been the perfect pairing to feeling like I have achieved my goal of “best self” and have been able to do that with the help of KFIT, the loving trainers and the tight-knit community.


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