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Member Spotlight: Joanne

Join us in celebrating Joanne, who has conquered the "all or nothing" mentality and discovered the beauty of balance through exercise and mindful nutrition. Her commitment to personal growth and well-being has greatly impacted her progress, and it is SO great watching her find harmony between exercise and nourishing her body.

Somewhere between work and raising 3 children (and a husband)I forgot about myself. KFIT was exactly what I needed. Kelsey took the time to really get to know me and understand my rocky relationship with food. We created small, obtainable goals each week. She shared recipes that were quick and easy to make. So delicious too. I learned to do food prep to help with some of the weekly stress. Kelsey taught me that food is fuel for my body.

I started in a small group class with Kristen. I found this wonderful community of friends and discovered (thanks to Kristen) that exercise is fun, not a punishment for eating unhealthy food. My weight loss history is lifelong and tumultuous. I’ve always had this “all or nothing” mentality. If I ate something unhealthy, I’d self-sabotage and say why bother working out I just ate too much. Or if I didn’t have time for a full workout one day, it would cause a landslide into weeks of deprivation or overindulging. I am working hard to defeat this all-or-nothing mentality and do what’s best for my health moment by moment.

All the coaches are amazing! Each offers something unique. Ally is so knowledgeable. She takes the time to show me proper form and explain why the way I was doing it could cause injury. I’ve learned she is always right! Always! Morgan pushes me to give my all in every workout, but in this kind, motivating way. Even when I’m physically spent I do a little more because Morgan said I can do it!

I am so delighted I found the KFit community. I am stronger physically and emotionally. I am forever grateful for every member and coach, they have given me words of encouragement, kind smiles, friendship, and a little friendly competition here and there! Thank you all for being part of this journey with me!


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