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When Eating More is the Answer

Nourish Client & Bootcamp Member, Pam.

It all started with the "Covid-15", the slow steady 15lbs of weight gained over the first year or so since Covid hit. I had been working out from home since my old gym closed but I could feel myself becoming less motivated, more bored, and... softer. I needed to be back in a gym, did some research, and joined KFIT Body.
The workouts and coaches are AMAZING - challenging, ass-kicking. I am stronger and healthier physically and mentally. The scale stopped going up but I didn't know how to get it back down. Normally to lose weight I would deprive myself with calorie restrictions. I'd lose weight initially but it wasn't sustainable and I'd get lightheaded during workouts. When I returned to old eating habits, I'd gain the weight back plus more! It was like every pound I lost I'd gain two. Losing and/or maintaining weight has become more difficult with age but seemed near impossible in my 40s! I was working out 6 days a week but didn't look like someone who spends much time in the gym. I knew that all the hard work I put in was being sabotaged by my diet. When I saw that a nourish program was being offered I felt that this could be much needed help. I signed up initially for 6 weeks. Kelsey evaluated my current diet, exercise, and my food likes and dislikes. She customized a program to meet my needs - providing meal volume, recipes, daily goals, and all the support along the way. The program was very easy to follow, the recipes realistic, flavorful, easy to make, meals my family enjoyed. There is no deprivation. I can enjoy a glass of wine. I can eat chocolate. I better understood portions. I don't think I ever ate this much and this frequently before. But that was the key! At the end of six weeks I lost nearly 12lbs! I would not have imagined that I needed to eat more to lose weight. Because of the great results, I extended it another 6 weeks. I wanted to reinforce good habits and survive the holidays. It's been about 3 weeks since the program ended and I'm going strong. I'm maintaining my weight loss, revealing muscle tone, have more energy, sleep better, feel minimal stress, and notice improved skin. This program has transformed me. I'm in a routine of planning meals for the week, food shopping with my list, and cooking nearly every day. All things I hated doing previously. I'm saving money because I'm not running out to grab something or dining out nearly as often as I used to. I enjoy eating cleaner and now naturally gravitate to fresh foods over processed. My family is eating better as a result as well. My husband lost weight and I don't hear him complain of bloating as he often had. I'm fitting into clothes that had been moved to the back of the closet years ago. I'm amazed at how well this program worked for me and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with food and nutrition. I can't thank Kelsey enough for how much she's helped improve my diet. KFIT Body is my favorite place outside of home, in the company of amazing, strong, judgement-free, supportive women. It's been a godsend in improving my health and fitness, and has made me a better role model for my daughter. I truly love being a member of this community.
*Interetested in learning more about out Nourish Programs? Book a complimentary call with our Registered Dietitan, Kelsey! We accept most major health insurances*


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