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Conscious Life & Wellness Mentorship

The only mentorship that facilitates profound inner healing for transformative results.

Let me ask you, have you ever felt like your health and wellness are taking a back seat to other priorities in your life? You’re sick of feeling so burned out all the time, and know deep down that even if you could find the time for yourself, most days, you wouldn’t have the energy anyway. Another week begins and yet again, you tell yourself, this one will be different. This will be the week you’ll finally prioritize YOU. Except, your phone is already pinging with demands you realize with a sting of shame, this week will be exactly the same as the rest of them.


Maybe you're struggling to find the time or motivation. Maybe you are sick and tired of your own excuses. Maybe you're not sure where to start. Perhaps its been so long since you've put yourself first, your not even sure what you need or want? ses, or maybe you feel like you have everything you should be grateful for, but something just feels off. Whatever it is, there is one thing you are clear on...

Something has to change. Now. 







You know you’re over being at war with yourself. 

You're sick of that inner bully, stealing joy from your life experiences. 


You're done living in a life of overwhelm and anxiety,


You're yearning for tools to stay present and mindful in the midst of a hectic and demanding daily life.

You're ready to break free from limiting beliefs that are hindering your personal growth and reaching your full potential.

You crave a deeper connection to your intuition and true purpose and authentic path.

You desire a sense of belonging, not only with others but within yourself. 

Are ready to take actionable steps toward living a more vibrant, balanced life?

Introducing the Conscious Life and Wellness Mentorship


Hi there,   I'm Kerrie!
Kerrie G Genes Founder, CEO, and Psychospiritual Life & Wellness Coach

In 2010, Kerrie left her job as a physical therapist assistant to create a supportive environment for women at any stage of their fitness journey At that time, she felt that the fitness industry was intimidating and not inclusive. Her small little outdoor boot camp grew into what is now a 7000 sq ft wellness studio which has helped hundreds of women find confidence inside and outside of the gym. With nearly two decades of experience in the world of health and wellness, Kerrie is a knowledgeable facilitator of change.ast forward to today and Kerrie has created a 1:1 Coaching program using the same philosophies used to help hundreds of women ditch yo-yo diets feel confident in their skin, fully enjoy moments that matter, and have the courage to live an authentic and unapologetic life. uilding a stronger mind and body has always revolved around three central pillars: Sweat, Connection, and Growth. Her method is informed by her certifications in Psycospiritual Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and decades of working with women on habit change. Wha I ralized no matter what 

With nearly two decades of experience in health and wellness, I’ve helped hundreds of women finally make the change they so desperately crave and discover the courage to go after the goals they’ve convinced themselves are unachievable. what I've realized is that while nturitno and expecise area key comments of health, we are massiek mission out on teh key comments of health. WHat we belive t be true about ourselves.

If we do not belive we are worthyof lvvoe, health the body we want, abunacbe, we will contuinbe to sabatoge ourselves the moembt we get within arms reach of our goals. I call this the upper limit.


When we work together, you’ll receive a comprehensive and sustainable approach to improving your health and transforming your life. This is NOT another fad diet or overly complicated exercise trend. I am here to help you break unhealthy patterns once and for all. My goal is to ensure you stay the course in a way that keeps you excited and motivated way past the honeymoon period of a new program. A goal that is achieved by ensuring your results come to you from a deeply intuitive and authentic place. Every woman is different, and let's face it, most programs out there have been designed for men, by men, without taking into account the unique cycles and rhythms a woman navigates throughout her life. With my coaching, support, and expertise, you’ll be lovingly guided to access your truest self. THIS is the space we will create your long-term, sustainable health, and fitness plan from. The secret to results that last are held in a plan that works with your life and with your uniqueness, allowing it to slot in naturally and become a part of your routine that empowers you in every area of your life.

I get it, trying something to radically diffent is scary.  But trust me when I say it is the only way to create radical change



Yes, you could sign up for another challenge and bookmark another 10 YouTube videos, but the information about health and wellness online is saturated, contradictory, and overwhelming, and without the tailored and personalized support that comes with a coach, it’s too easy to let that overwhelm demotivate you out of action. 

How much time have you wasted trying to do this alone? 

How much time have you kept giving to everyone other than yourself? 

How many times have you allowed the inner stories of shame and self-doubt to sabotage your efforts and lead you into comfort rituals that only serve to make the issue worse?


Imagine how much of that time you would get back by allowing someone to help you establish clarity on your goals, and guide you down the path toward the best and highest version of yourself.


With my coaching, support, and expertise, you’ll be lovingly guided to access your truest self. THIS is the space we will create your success plan from.   

​From this space you'll learn to...

  • Establish the most authentic belief systems and habits for sustainable succes

  • Heal your relationship with your body so you can finally radiate with confidence and self-love

  • Learn how to love your inner critic into silence

  • Reach new levels of well-being and happiness

  • Decrease your mental load, allowing you to feel fresh, clear, and in control of your life

  • Practice healthy boundaries so you can stop saying yes when you really need to say no

  • Find and nurture the motivation to finally go after the big goals and dreams you’ve been denying

As you shed the habits and beliefs that have kept you stuck and step into the powerful, confident woman you were always meant to be, you’ll naturally experience a renewed connection in your personal and intimate relationships, opening yourself up to more love and happiness that spills over into your entire experience of life.



Many women I work with find that they’ve not only finally created a health routine that lasts, but it has also allowed them to connect to themselves in a way that reveals their true purpose in life. Change has a habit of instigating more change and creating the circumstances in which you can build a life of peace and fulfillment, and above all, the freedom to go places and do things you never thought possible! 


It starts with you. 

Whether you choose to work 1-1 or as part of a group program, in our time together you will be supported to: 

I cannot say enough good things about Kerrie. She was so helpful and understanding with anything I threw at her. I started her program at probably one of my lowest times, and ended at one of my highest. Kerrie helped me to navigate real life situations, things I would stress about. She would offer me so many options and suggestions to make the situation more simple. Oftentimes I would tell her something I was struggling with that week (and feel completely ridiculous while doing so!) She always listened and never made me feel as if any struggle wasn't validated. Many of our conversations would not even be about food, but about ideas that were helpful when focusing on overall wellness and not just my physical appearance. As a result I gained more and more confidence in my ability to make healthy lifestyle decisions. 

Lisa - CL& W Graduate




Transformation Workshops

Interested in hosting a transformative personal development workshop or hosting a private group for friends?


3 Month Group Mentorship $599

Describe your service here. What m


3 Month 1:1 Mentorship


We’ll work together on a weekly basis throught 60-minute self-discovery calls, . During these calls, you’ll receive: I only take on clients whom I feel 100% confident I can provide a massive return on investment. Are you ready to invest in your future self?  ​


Book a Complimentary Clarity Call to work 1:1:

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