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KFIT is a unique wellness studio that recognizes the individual strength and beauty of everyBODY, at all ages and stages of life. We help women of all shapes and sizes remove the barriers that hold them back – and build up the mindset and muscle to move them forward. What began as a space to sweat has grown into a whole-body hub with wellness.


About Kerrie

For Kerrie Genes, building a stronger mind and body has always revolved around three central pillars: Sweat, Connection, and Growth. With nearly two decades of experience in the world of health and wellness, Kerrie is a knowledgeable facilitator of change and the proud CEO of KFIT Body.  Through KFIT, Kerrie hopes to continue inspiring new connections, bringing women together to root for one another as they discover the courage to tackle goals they once believed were unachievable and experience the growth they never knew possible!

Kerrie Genes Founder of KFIT Body
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