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Transform Your Body with KFIT’s Remote Wellness APP for Busy Women!

Get ready to elevate your Wellness journey in just 45 minutes a day! 

Constantly on the go and finding it hard to maintain a fitness routine?

Lacking confidence in the gym?

Unsure what workouts are right for you?

Overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there?

Looking for a simple yet effective approach to get the result you crave?


Introducing Elevate, A wellness app designed for busy women like you.

Say goodbye to the guesswork, and access workouts, and meal prep recipes anytime, anywhere.


Tailored Exclusively for Women, by Women

With nearly two decades of experience working with women, we have gained deep insights into their unique wellness needs and goals. We understand that strength training plays a vital role in helping women build lean muscle, burn fat, and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle as they age. Our workouts are meticulously designed to achieve just that!


And now, you can experience the benefits of these tried-and-true Methods from the comfort of your own home.




With Elevate, you gain exclusive access to the exact workout routines and recipes that have consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients. We have refined these methods over years of hands-on experience, continually fine-tuning them to optimize efficiency and maximize your progress.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, strong, and capable, and our program is dedicated to helping you achieve just that.


When you join ElevatE, you GAIN a community...

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image_6487327 (5).JPG
image_6487327 (1).JPG

For less than a dollar a day, you'll receive.....  

Happy Clients..

"The workouts are challenging and fun, and the online community provides the motivation and accountability I need to stay on track. I look forward to Sundays, when the new workouts are released on the app. I look over each workout, watch the videos for new moves and plan the workouts around my schedule.
My favorite part is that while workouts can be customized to equipment that I have, most don’t require much more than a set of dumbbells and some good music!" - Kate




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