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Member Spotlight: Emma

Meet Emma, a mom of two who has discovered her passion for lifting! We are so excited to see Emma conquer her past fear of fitness and embrace the iron with enthusiasm. All while balancing the roles of a devoted mother of two and running her own practice. Let's celebrate her incredible journey!

I grew up in Plymouth and after several years living in San Diego in my 20s, I moved back to Massachusetts to get married and start a family. I live in North Weymouth, am a mom of 2 boys and work as a therapist specializing in supporting pregnant and new moms. I love spending time with friends and our families and hosting people at our home (I recently had a baby animal petting zoo come for a Mother’s Day celebration) but also love quiet time (reading, true crime podcasts, yoga, hiking, and gardening) You may run into me at World’s End, Vitamin Sea or Trader Joes (ha!)

I came to KFIT last December after chatting with my amazing hair stylist and fellow KFitter, Em, about

being in a funk with my body and fitness in general. I was a self-proclaimed “gym and workout class hater” and have been known to cry more than once in fitness classes. I always felt overwhelmed and insecure in group fitness, which led to serious physical exercise avoidance. After having 2 kids, surviving a pandemic with a newborn and riding the waves of all the changes that happened to our family, I had definitely fallen into a disconnect with myself and my body.

After touring with Kerrie, I felt like KFIT could be a different experience for me and one that was definitely not like the scary image of gyms I had in my head (cue screaming instructors, competition, and also tears). I did the brave, scary thing and signed up for 1:1 classes twice a week with Morgan. I knew if I didn’t start literally the next week I would never do it. Morgan was amazing and patient with me, meeting me where I was at, while not making me feel insecure and instead strong and capable. After a month of that, I graduated to small group classes, which I loved and gave me the attention I needed to learn the form but ultimately I felt like I needed more. Which felt wild because I never thought I would be WANTING to work out more often and for longer periods. With the encouragement of Morgan, I moved into large group classes 3x a week and haven’t looked back.

I truly can’t believe I am where I am with my fitness, relationship with my body and overall mindset since starting KFIT. I never thought I would feel this capable, strong and so like myself. I found parts of me I never knew I had and absolutely love the challenge of pushing my body and mind in classes and the sweet feeling that comes with the sweat and satisfaction of finishing another spicy class. Sometimes I wish I had started sooner, but really I started when I needed it most and am so grateful to have found KFIT.


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