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Member Spotlight: Kelly!

At KFIT, our community is everything.

We know that each and every one of you has a story to tell, and a reason (or two, or twenty) that life has brought you to KFIT. That’s why we love to feature a member and her story in each month’s Member Spotlight. We find that by sharing our stories, we can strengthen our connection and inspire one another.

But this Member Spotlight is a little different. Kelly’s story is a little longer, but so beautiful and poignant that we can’t cut it to fit it in a social post. You just need to hear the whole thing.

Here is Kelly’s story.

Years of self-loathing, grief, depression, and finally, a medical crisis led me to research the perfect gym. The gym had to embrace the mission of supporting strong women, have an encouraging team, and was not going to be judgmental of my overweight size and medical limitations, at the time of joining.

After the death of my youngest of four children, at the age of 3 years old, mental health trauma, grief, and anxiety became an everyday issue for me.

Food, being home-safe, and sedentary became a true comfort. It became a habitual coping mechanism for me.

I knew I had to make changes, but I didn’t know how to take the first step.

As the years passed, my unhealthy lifestyle spiraled and the idea of taking part in a healthy change became overwhelming My weight had ballooned, I didn’t have any stamina, I was physically and mentally unhealthy and I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

It became a recipe for disaster.

The first step to a healthy lifestyle found me after a major medical crisis in 2020 that almost cost me my life. I had let myself become overweight and unhealthy in my grief.

Having three incredible teenagers and an amazing husband, (who were also going through life-changing trauma and loss themselves) was enough for me to realize that I had to get well for not only them; but for me.

My doctor made a life-changing statement to me.

“I do NOT want you to achieve the goal of becoming skinny and stalking a number on the scale…BUT, I do need you to get strong- physically and mentally.”

That is the mantra that I have tried to achieve since I met Ally in March of 2021 at my first private training session at KFIT.

KFIT and Ally have quite literally, brought me back to life.

I don’t know where I would be without KFIT today. My family and medical team have seen a marked improvement and turnaround in my mental and physical well-being and most importantly…I feel the best I have in a very long time.

I have graduated from one on one training with Ally to group classes a couple of days a week with some awesome ladies. I love the new challenges and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each workout.

I loathe the battle ropes, but I love lifting heavy and feeling like I’m getting stronger each week. I am now able to plank and jump a rope.

I don’t think I’ve jumped a rope since the 6th grade.

I have lost 50 pounds over the past year, slowly and in a healthy way. But, the best part is my body has changed. I try to take the advice of my doctor and not worry about the scale, but focus on the pretty new pink dress I bought or the smaller pant size I fit into.

I took a trip to Disney World with my family recently and actually kept up with them and walked over 8 miles each day. When we went a few years ago, I couldn’t keep up and was self-conscious about my size. I spent a lot of time on a bench– just resting.

This year, I made them proud. I kept up and rode every single thrill ride; I even went on Rock n’ Roller Coaster (twice) which is totally out of my wheelhouse. We had a blast! I felt like a fun and healthy Mom for the first time.

Outside of the gym, I enjoy reading inspirational books. I love spending time with my family. We love to travel together.

I work in marketing in the senior living industry. I also oversee the Coop’s Troop Foundation in memory of Cooper, where our mission is to assist children with life-limiting conditions and special needs. Honoring Cooper’s memory brings me joy!

This is a photo of when I began KFIT and a photo from recently.

I also included a photo of my precious Cooper…just because.

Thank you for listening to my story…. It’s a tough one, but it’s mine and I’ve learned to simply embrace it.

Thank you, KFIT! What a gift you have been to me and my family.

Kelly, thank you for choosing us. Thank you for being a part of our community. And thank you for being brave enough to share your story. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far!

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